AERIAL is a Retail Intelligence and sales force management solution for retailers and distributors of consumer goods ranging from appliances, to cosmetics and other FMCG

With AERIAL Retail Intelligence and sales communication app, you can get real-time updates and sync up with your field team anytime, anywhere. Mobile sales tracking app. CRM FMCG.  Aerial mobile sales app.


Managing tens, or even hundreds or thousands, of sales promoters become easy with AERIAL. Your field team worldwide can seamlessly deliver real-time updates from the ground with our AERIAL app; be it sales performance, inventory status, customer feedback or even what your competitors are up to.

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With AERIAL's built-in inventory management tool, you'll have access to real-time inventory updates for all your products, in all your stores. You and your sales team can now instantly respond to out-of-stock situations, and proactively manage inventory levels- so that you'll always have the right inventory at the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time.

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AERIAL will consolidate, transform and present real-time field updates through a highly graphical and analytical management dashboard. On top of having an aerial view of what’s happening with your sales team, you can zoom into comprehensive real-time sales data; such as the average number of items per transaction in a particular store, or a specific sales rep's KPI. With this powerful insight at your fingertips, you can now easily identify star sales reps and popular products, brands, regions or stores; discover new customer relationships in real-time; and optimize and adjust your business decisions accordingly.

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AERIAL's powerful Analytics Engine will help you see the effectiveness of your marketing or promotion campaigns with just a few clicks. Discover what is stopping your sales reps from making more sales by analyzing their outreach efforts. Managers can also drill deeper by viewing sales performance reports on specific brands, or from specific locations, supervisors, store staffs etc.

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build YOUR OWN Consumer database

With AERIAL, customer feedback and other valuable insights gathered by your field team are presented in an easily digestible format; so you can instantly identify the latest consumer and product trends. With this growing database, you no longer need to rely on consumer data from external agencies.